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James McCoy:
A Charismatic, Caring Connector

Fostering Collaboration + Amplifying Impact

James McCoy, a Project Management Professional with 35+ years of experience in PMO development and leadership, embodies resilience in the face of challenges.

James champions the philosophy that empathy is central to effective communication in teams. He has the experience and drive to help your organization crush obstacles and obtain team success.

Meet James: Bold Leader, Empathetic Communicator, & Outcomes Focused
Years in Project Management + 10 Years in PMO Management
Licenses + Certifications, including a Master’s Degree in project management from GWU

Overcome Your Communication Roadblocks

James has the experience and drive to help your organization crush obstacles for team success.

Poor communication means projects fall apart. Effective communication can unite teams of all backgrounds and communication styles.

Texting, Messaging, Apps, Email, etc., have all made communication happen at a faster and more convenient rate. Strike a balance between technology and communication strategies – the message needs to drive the tool, not the other way around.

The best communication happens when all parties practice empathy and active listening, and truly understand where the other person is coming from. Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.

“My core values, whether I’m working with a Fortune 100 company or a nimble startup, are empathy, reliability, respect, and recognition. I believe strongly that by implementing these values, organizations propel progress and achieve objectives purposefully.”

How to Listen and Let Your Team Take the Lead

Being in several positions of leadership, James has learned that good communication with your team is about listening and guiding while relying on them to do their job. James believes that getting to know your team and their background makes you a better leader.

Let’s Solve Some Problems

If you are ready to improve communication and consistency in your organization, send me a message. Communication is truly my passion, and I’m looking forward to helping your organization improve their communication to GET THINGS DONE!